3 Compliments and 2 Questions Every Couple Should Ask After Sex

How do you know if your partner needs sex if you don’t ask? What if they didn’t give any sign of it? How do you make your partner happy after sex? How do you even have satisfactory sex? Men are known for falling asleep almost immediately after sex, will it be easy for them to […]

I Remember When You Fucked Me Like You’d Never See Me Again My Tiger?

Remember when you slid your hands up my skirt on the train ride home? When you whispered in my ear that you couldn’t wait to have me, taste me, make me scream. Remember when you played with my clit with everyone around us? With the guy across from us pretending like something interesting was on […]

Is Your Husband Not Interested in Sex?

If your husband is not interested in sex, apparently you are not alone according to author Michele weiner-Weiner Davis. She coined term “sex starved wife” after the release of her book, The sex starvedbwife: what to  do when he’s lost desire. Out to bust the myth of men being more highly sexed than women, Davis wants women to […]