Wawu!! Couples Who Sleep Naked Have a Happy Relationship – Study Reveals

A new study by Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe of Cotton USA has revealed that couples who sleep naked have a happier relationship. If you and your partner love to sleep náked, chances are that you are happy in your relationship —perhaps even happier than couples you know who sleep wearing pyjamas or some other pieces of clothing! […]

Smart Ways To Balance Your Personal Life And Work Life

For many people, their work life and personal life are two worlds that they cannot seem to coordinate successfully. This is why many people have succeeded in one and failed at the other. There’s more to life than a successful career. But then also, what is life without an opportunity to pursue your goals and […]

I Go Commando And So Can You: 14 Times No Underwear Is The Best Option

If I could go commando every day, I would. Unfortunately for me, skirts and leather pants sometimes don’t mix with a bare naked cooh. Neither do subway seats, so I stick to going commando three to four times a week. I don’t know whether it’s something in the air, or if I’ve just been really feeling myself […]

7 Scientific Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Really Good For You

For as long as I can remember, I’ve forgone traditional pajamas for the pajamas the Good Lord gave me — my skin. Much to the horror of my roommates, I sleep completely naked. I’ve never found this weird or out of the ordinary. It’s comfortable, easy and I spend less money on stupid clothing only […]