Dating Mistakes You Make When You’re A Girl Who Trusts Too Much

This is a roll call to all the women out there who’ve made mistakes while dating. You date men only to find out that the man you thought was the one was, in fact, a dud. You start to review the reel of your relationship no matter how small or insignificant in your head. You start to wonder […]

Things You Have To Know Before Dating An Independent Girl

1. She is capable of walking away from an unhealthy situation. An independent woman is able to turn her back to something that doesn’t offer her what she really wants. She knows how to stand on her own two feet and won’t settle for anything less than what she demands. 2. She isn’t looking for a […]

Guys Only: Here Are The 5 Types Of Ladies Some Guys Are Scared To Date.

To the guys out there, here is a list that will direct you on the type of ladies you should be scared of. 1) RELIGIOUS LADIES: These ones are always seen as no go area as long as the guy is not religious, guys are not always around these ones because of their strict believe on NO […]