Who wants to have a naked woman in his bed?

I know you want it. 

In case you have never had the pleasure to share your bed with an incredibly sexy, attractive naked girl, you probably want to know what you have to do, when the big day finally comes.

Maybe I am wrong and you already had tons of naked girls in your bed and the only problem you have is that the girls who are lying next to you don’t want to sleep with you once you destroyed their bra and nearly strangled them with their belt.

No matter if you need some undressing skills for your best friend’s mom, for the two incredibly hot twins you are dating or in order to make everything right when you are about to unpack your first pair of boobs…

In this article I want to examine what you have to do to undress a woman in ways that make her beg for your dick. You’ll learn all of this without risking severe injuries. The only two things that might rip are her top and her hymen.

Mistakes You Make While Undressing Her

I still remember how I undressed, or maybe I should better say “tried to undress” the first girl that I took home right after an instant date. She was the first girl I brought home after my bootcamp with Sasha and she was the first girl who ended up naked in my bed after I got out of my relationship.

The only girl I had to undress in the last four years was my ex-girlfriend. With my ex-girlfriend I knew that she would get naked, even if I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t have the same feeling of security with the girl I was dating now.
I was nervous, I was insecure and I was disillusioned by the thought that I just have to do the same thing that I did when I was in my relationship.
I thought that she will be the one who takes off her clothes first to signalize that she is ready to have sex.
I think I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t even get to the bra.
Waiting Till She Makes the First Move
One of the most popular mistakes that I made and you might still make is to assume that women have to make the first move. I don’t know if it’s because of all the movie sex scenes in which the girl decides to let her towel drop right before she bangs the shy main character, or if it is because of our politically correct society that labels every expression of male sexuality as a crime. I guess it’s a combination of both.
I am sorry to destroy your illusions, but the day on which you invite a hot girl to your apartment who spontaneously decides to ignore her “what if he thinks I am a slut?” alarm to take off her clothes without any prior warning won’t ever come.
In the same way as this day will never come, you are not a criminal if you unbutton the blouse of a girl who smiles at you while you are doing it.

Stop staring you dehorned cattle! If you wait another minute she won’t take off her bra at all!
Women expect you to make the first move when you approach them and they also expect you to make the first move when you undress them.
Don’t disappoint her by not taking her clothes off. She wants to get naked.
Thinking too Much  
What if you know that you should make the first move and you still don’t do it? 
Well, in this case you are probably thinking too much. The excuses you make  right before you approach a woman are not the only excuses that have the power to sabotage your seduction success.
“What if she doesn’t want to have sex with me?”
“What if she will be mad when I take off her top?”
“What if she made some bad experiences with other guys?”
What if, what if, what if.
Relax, stop thinking and enjoy the process:
The only way to find out if your concerns are true is to take action. 

When it comes to learning how to undress a girl your logical mind is not your friend. Especially when you are nervous and overwhelmed by the prospect of holding a naked woman in your arms, it is very easy for your brain to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t do what she wants you to do.

In case your concerns are true, she will tell you as soon as you try to help her out of her top. However, chances are high that she smiles as soon as you try to take it off. Then she already imagines your hands all over her body.

Regarding “Getting Her Naked” as Your Only Goal

Why do you even want to learn how to undress a girl?

I am pretty sure that the number one reason is to get as many girls or one special girl naked. I am sure that the only goal that you have in mind is to get her out of her clothes and into your bed.

Even though this is obviously your main goal, it shouldn’t be your only goal.
Besides getting her naked you should also think about how you can make the undressing process as arousing, exciting and enjoyable for her as you possibly can.

What happens if you make it your goal to undress a woman in a way that she derives pleasure from?
You begin to focus on her, you become aware of what she wants and doesn’t want and you try to transform the simple activity of taking her clothes off into an arousing experience. If you do that, she’ll want to do more with you after she took off her clothes.

What happens if you make getting her naked your only goal?

Then you are tempted to ignore all the signs that she gives you during the process, because you are only focused on getting it over with as fast as possible in order to reach the next step. Thanks to your desire to get her naked as fast as you can, you ignore how you slowly kill her sexual desire by fumbling at her belt.

How to Undress a Girl: The Caveman Method

Do you promise me that you won’t make the stupid mistakes that I just mentioned?

Awesome, then it’s time to get down and dirty and to throw some panties and bras around.

But first we have to find out if you are…

A: a caveman

B: a gentleman 

You don’t really have to answer this question. We men are both gentlemen and cavemen. Whether you are a cavemen or a gentleman depends on the situation you are in.

What if you spend an incredible night at a rooftop bar, talked about extremely deep topics and hold hands on your way home?
Then I would recommend using the gentleman technique of getting girls naked. We’ll discuss that later.
What if you met a girl in a club, you made out with her as if you wanted to eat her alive and you fingered her on the way back to your apartment?
Then you probably transform into a caveman who wants to rip off her clothes like the incredible Hulk. If you ever find yourself in such a situation you should know what the caveman has to do when it’s time to eat.

Grab and Slap Her Ass
When you decide to do it in the caveman style, you have to make sure that she is dripping wet before you take off her clothes. A woman who is in a state of arousal won’t care whether or not her bra survives the night, whereas a woman who can still think logically might freak out when she realizes that you just destroyed her new bra.

“Grab me, kiss me and slap me!”
How do you make a woman horny when you already made out with her and had at least one finger on, or inside her vagina?

If you have never made a woman moan by touching her in a rough way, you would be amazed at how rough you can grab them.

I remember one experience where I grabbed her ass so hard that I nearly got a cramp and all she said was “is that all you got?”

Kiss her like a hungry wolf, grab her ass and right before you are about to rip her skirt off you turn her around and give her a slap on the ass. If she is in the mood for some rough and naughty shit, she will love it.

Rip Her Clothes Off
Now it’s time to get rid of all her clothes. She can be lucky when she only wears a skirt and a thin top, because everything else could get destroyed in the process. When I say that it is time to rip her clothes off, I really mean it.

Forget about slowly taking off her belt. Open her belt and pull it out. Forget about slowly unzipping the zipper of her dress. Take her dress and pull it over her head.

What she wants to feel in this situation is intensity, passion and excitement.

The worst thing you can possibly do after all the grabbing, kissing and slapping is to slow down and to kiss her belly for five minutes. There are situations in which you should do that and we are going to talk about those situations, but now is the time for some heat and passion.

While you are ripping one piece of clothing after another from her body, you shouldn’t forget to kiss her, to finger her and to grab her. Don’t give her a pause to take a breath. It is way better if you keep her on a constant level of arousal.

Once she stands there with her soaking wet panties, you simply grab them, look her into the eyes and pull them down at one go. Right after her bare vagina smiles at you, you go down on her for a bit. Her synapses will scream of lust.

Throw Her on the Bed

What do you do once you have buried your head between her legs while she is standing in front of you?

It’s time to get rough again. The only thing she wants in this situation is to be taken by a man who is confident enough to take what he wants.

It’s not the time to lay her down gently…

At this point she is already soaking wet and all she wants is your dick inside her. Throw her on the bed, give her a slap on the ass and fuck her like she has never been fucked before. If you want to drive her even more insane you can pause now and then, pull her head towards you and whisper “good girl” in her ear.

A very good example that I found is this scene from the TV show nip/tuck. I have never watched the show but the following video (from minute 1:40) shows the difference between a passionate lover who rips off her clothes and throws her on the bed and a passionless lover who you don’t really want to be.

How to Undress a Girl: The Gentleman Method

What if you and the girl you are with talked for hours in a nice bar, look

ed each other in the eyes as if you are already planning your wedding day and hold hands on your way back to your apartment?
Choosing the caveman style would be completely incongruent.
It would feel weird to switch from holding hands to grabbing and slapping her ass. The emotional dissonance would be so strong that she would probably freak out.
What if there would be a way to transition from a deep connection to deep thrusts without losing the romantic connection?
As a man who wants to learn how to undress a girl, you have to be able to adapt to different energies. In such a situation you’ll have more success with the calm, sensual and romantic gentleman technique, than with going apeshit like the horny version of Hulk.

Undressing as a Part of the Foreplay
Whereas the cavemen method doesn’t take more thant a couple of minutes, the gentleman way of getting girls requires more time and patience.
In my experience a good way of dealing with the impatience that you’ll definitely have when you are only minutes away from sticking your penis in a delicious pussy, is to regard the undressing process as part of the foreplay. If you don’t do that, the minutes of slowly undressing her can feel like hours.
I know how tempting it is to just rip her clothes off and to fuck her.
However, what she wants now is a romantic experience that makes her feel even more connected to you.

Concentrate on Every Part of Her Body
How do you transform the minutes in which you take her clothes off into a romantic experience?
Take off one piece of clothing after another. Take your time with it and show her how much you admire and desire her body.
Take off her top, smile at her and give her a passionate kiss. Before you get rid of her bra you embrace her and kiss her neck.

After you got rid of her bra, you can start to caress her breasts, to kiss them and to massage them. Once you slowly pulled down her pants or her skirt, you can use the tip of your fingers to massage her pussy. Do this while she still wears her panties. Then you can kiss her, embrace her and put your hands in her panties. Grab her ass and massage it while you are kissing her.

What’s next?

Pull her panties down…really slowly.

After you have pulled them down you can work your way up again, while you kiss her legs, her thighs and eventually her vagina. Your lips on her pussy will drive her insane.

Reward Her For Showing You Her Skin  

What does a real gentleman do while he slowly pulls down the panties of a girl?

He shows his admiration for her and for her body. All you have to do to turn this already amazing experience into an unforgettable experience, is to reward her for revealing more and more of her attractive body.
Women absolutely love the feeling of being desired.
The biggest compliment you can give her in this situation is to tell her how sexy and good-looking she is. Whenever you kiss her lips and her body you can take a second and whisper in her ear that she drives you crazy.
This will give her the necessary confidence to fully immerse in the experience with you. After you have pulled down her panties she will spread her legs and beg you to slide inside her.

Two Alternative Ways to Undress a Woman
Now you know which mistakes you should avoid. You also know how to undress a girl in an intense and passionate way and in a romantic and sensual way. The next girl you bring back to your place will want to have you inside of her as soon as you start to take her clothes off.
Even though you know all those things, there are a two alternative ways to undress a woman, that I want to share with you as a little bonus. You can either combine them with the caveman or the gentleman method, but you can use them independently.
Okay, if I am completely honest I want to talk about another three alternative ways of getting girls naked. The only problem is that there is one way that I can’t help you with, because I don’t think I could do it.
I think we should both admit that we are better off focusing on the following two alternatives, instead of slaying an innocent girl with a crane.

The Undressing Game

Have you heard of the undressing game?

I used this technique for the last two years and it works pretty well.
What is this game all about?
Basically, you are making the first move and take off her shirt. Right after you did that you signalize on a verbal or nonverbal level, that she should help you to get out of your shirt. You then undress each other on a rotating basis. After you have done this a couple of times you are both standing naked in front of each other.

What’s the benefit of this game?

This little game transforms the undressing process into a playful experience. Taking the initiative and undressing a guy can make a lot of girls extremely nervous. By designing this process as a game, you gradually introduce her to the idea of taking your clothes off. The more comfortable she gets undressing you, the more comfortable she will get doing all the other stuff with you that you want her to do.

Tell Her to Get Naked

What is the easiest and most effective way to undress a girl?
Tell her exactly what she should do.

Women are instinctively attracted to leaders. They are totally into guys who have the balls to take over the leadership in the bedroom. When a confident guy tells them what he wants them to do, they’ll not only do it, but they also want to do it. As a guy who knows how to undress a girl you should make use of the fact that women are turned on by guys who give them commands.
Of course you shouldn’t start to scream at her like an officer, whenever she should get rid of one piece of clothing. If you command her in an aggressive and demanding way, you won’t see any naked skin. Instead of playing officer, you show her that you are a seducer who is certain of success.
Look her deep in the eyes, give her a seductive smile and whisper “I want you to take off your top…now” in her ear. Give her a kiss and see what happens. I bet that she’ll smile at you right after she took off her top. This smile means nothing but “I am waiting for further instructions”.

Before you are going to learn how to undress a girl, you should make sure that you avoid the three most popular mistakes. If you wait until she makes the first move, you’ll wait forever and if you think too much, you’ll only sabotage yourself. Getting her naked shouldn’t be your only goal. Don’t forget about pleasing and arousing her.

When it comes to undressing women, there are basically two different methods you can choose from. You can use the caveman method, get a bit rough, rip her clothes off and throw her on the bed, or you can do it like a gentleman. As a gentleman, you make the undressing process part of the foreplay, you concentrate on every inch of her body and you reward her for showing you more and more skin.

There are also two other alternatives that can be pretty useful when you want to know how to undress a girl. You can transform the undressing process into a game, or you can directly tell her that she should take her clothes off. Both alternatives will lead to a naked woman in your bed.

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