Is Your Husband Not Interested in Sex?

If your husband is not interested in sex, apparently you are not alone according to author Michele weiner-Weiner Davis. She coined term “sex starved wife” after the release of her book, The sex starvedbwife: what to  do when he’s lost desire. Out to bust the myth of men being more highly sexed than women, Davis wants women to […]

Resting Bitch Face: 13 Ways to Tell if Her Face is Betraying Her

Having a resting bitch face is NOT easy. It can often give people the wrong impression. Find out if the girl you want is actually a bitch or not. If you’ve ever seen someone with resting bitch face, chances are you probably didn’t even know it. Instead, you probably thought of them as a bitch. […]

7 reasons why women hate condoms even more than men do

Men are notorious for being the chief condom complainers when it comes to sex (I mean, they’re the ones who usually have to wear them), but guess what, guys?  Just as many women hate condoms. I would even venture to say that women hate them more — because there are many more reasons for women to hate them. But […]

Do Things Tonight: Fingering Her and Only Finger Her

There are a lot of underrated sex acts, but here’s a big one you’ve probably been ignoring: fingering. Most adults tend to forget about fingering, but I’m going to show you why I think this act deserves a place in any couple’s sexual repertoire, and give you some tips for how to do it properly. […]

How To Ask Your Partner For Sex So They’ll Enthusiastically Say YES

Let’s get real: couples can start getting lazy initiating sex. Who here hasn’t tried to initiate sex by clumsily groping at their partner, or blurting out, “I guess it’s been a while. Should we do it?” It might feel easier, but it can also feel wildly impersonal. Let’s talk about how to initiate sex in […]

Ebintu Omukazi Byakola nga Atuuse ku Ntikko

1 Okwefunya; Eno embeera etuuka ku baami n’abakyala ng’ebisinga kuva ku binywa kwesika nga bwe byeta n’omubiri gwonna ne gwesika ekivaamu buli omu okunyweza munne. 2 Okusiba amannyo; Abasajja be basinga okwesanga mu mbeera eno. Kino bakikola okwewala okukola ebintu ng’okuleekaana ekiyinza okubaweebuula, kye bava basiba amannyo. 3 Okukwagula; Abakyala be basinga okukola kino kubanga […]

5 Reasons Women Give Fake Phone Numbers

How does it feel when an incredibly attractive woman gives you her phone number? It feels amazing, right? After getting rejected five times in a row from some average-looking chicks, you approached one of the hottest girls you have ever seen and SHE was the one who gave you the magic digits. You feel proud […]

Long Distance Pillows and Other Really Cool LDR Essentials

Long distance relationships are usually spent pining your time until you can see your love again. Using these essentials will help ease that hardship. Sure, you signed up for the long distance relationship. You knew what you were getting into the moment you committed yourself to your partner. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or […]