14 Female Sex Signals You Should Not Ignore 14 Female Sex Signals You Should Not Ignore 14 Female Sex Signals You Should Not Ignore

Do you think you are able to read and to interpret the most common female sex signals? Have you ever been in a situation in which you haven’t been quite sure if the woman you are looking at is interested in you in a sexual way? What sign is she showing you? The full package! […]

Guys Only: Here Are The 5 Types Of Ladies Some Guys Are Scared To Date.

To the guys out there, here is a list that will direct you on the type of ladies you should be scared of. 1) RELIGIOUS LADIES: These ones are always seen as no go area as long as the guy is not religious, guys are not always around these ones because of their strict believe on NO […]

Men: See The 5 Best Ways To Change Her From Crush To Girlfriend

If you are a single guy, chances are that there is a babe at your place of work, on your street, church or on your Instagram that you are really mad over. Being silently mad over someone is not enough. You have to let them know about this crush by either sliding into that DM, […]

How to Eat Pussy

One major complaint I hear from men is about the lack of information available for men to improve their sexual skills, especially in the area of oral sex. So many women complain about the lack of tenacity and execution men apply when “going down south”, yet the information on the market for how to eat […]

She Doesn’t Love You: She Loves Your Penis

Over the course of my sexually active life, I have heard countless numbers of men brag on their penises, praise themselves about how well they perform, and gloat about their confidence in a woman’s loyalty to them simply based on how well they “lay the pipe down”. The more and more I heard these inflated […]