5 Things You’ll Realize The Moment You Replace Tough Love With True Love

People nowadays are so confused about the love that they have. They compromise things because they wanted to have a happy ending, even if they are hurting. Thus, we need to face the truth that not everything has a good ending. Perhaps, some of you are just holding on because you’re afraid to lose the […]

You Still Do These Things In Your Twenties Because You Had Your Heart Broken

When you were younger, you believed in a fairy tale version of love. You honestly thought that the boy you dated was the one, that you were one of the lucky girls who found their match without having to look too long and hard. He was the first person that you kissed. The first person that […]

5 Things You Can Do to Support Your Anxious Loved One, Without Catering to Them

I’ve been so intensely anxious that I couldn’t fathom starting conversations with strangers. I’d get so anxious about work, that I’d feel overwhelmed with anxiety from Monday to Thursday. I had a little break for Friday and half of Saturday. And then I started worrying about Monday. The anxiety lasted all day, every day. And […]

13 Things To Remember When You Love a Person With Anxiety 

It wasn’t until the past few years I realized how badly I suffered from anxiety. Simple things like waiting to hear back from someone or anticipating how something could turn out would leave my stomach in knots and my heart and mind racing. Now that I understand what anxiety is and how to help alleviate […]

Things Women Get Away With That Men Can’t

1. Having feelings. “Having feelings.” 2. Constant complaining. “Constant complaining.” 3. Throwing tantrums. “Throwing psychotic fits, screaming and throwing shit, hitting and kicking. When a woman does that, someone just pushed her feelings too hard. And when a dude does it… lock him up. I’m not advocating for this kind of behavior, but some couples […]

11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Of Your Concealed Anxiety

1. Many people don’t realize you have anything wrong with you. Because you’re an expert at making sure your anxiety is hidden, when people figure out that you have it so intensely, they are shocked. You put on a facade to make none of your loved ones find out your deepest secret. 2. You do […]

Dear God, Please Help Me Heal From All The Things That Broke Me Out

Help me heal from the past and the times it bruised me. Help me heal from all the failures that still haunt me and keep me from living my best life. Help me remember how to live without fear, without doubt and without anxiety. Help me heal from the past heartbreaks, allow my heart to […]

This Is Why Selfish Girls are Actually the Smartest When It Comes To Love

This kind of girl puts herself first. She knows that she deserves the best and searches her entire life to find it. She would never stick with a boy who treats her like crap, because she isn’t a people pleaser. She isn’t going to put all of her energy into trying to make a boy happy […]

How My Husband Ended Up Raping My Best Friend – Angry Woman Tells Shocking Story

An angry woman has told the shocking story of how her husband was found out to have r*ped her own best friend in his home. The woman, identified as Rukayat, told the story in a letter she sent to Vanguard. Below is how she told the story: “I was fresh out of the university when […]

Smart Ways To Balance Your Personal Life And Work Life

For many people, their work life and personal life are two worlds that they cannot seem to coordinate successfully. This is why many people have succeeded in one and failed at the other. There’s more to life than a successful career. But then also, what is life without an opportunity to pursue your goals and […]