I Remember When You Fucked Me Like You’d Never See Me Again My Tiger?

Remember when you slid your hands up my skirt on the train ride home? When you whispered in my ear that you couldn’t wait to have me, taste me, make me scream. Remember when you played with my clit with everyone around us? With the guy across from us pretending like something interesting was on […]

I’m Trying To Let You Go, But All I Can Think About Is Fucking Him

“I had a naughty dream about you and I need you to come over. Now.” This was the text from my ex flashing on my screen when I rolled over, and I was immediately wet. My ex and I hadn’t seen each other for months, until last week when we ran into each other, drunk […]

My Brother’s Girlfriend Thinks My Relationship With Him Is Completely Inappropriate

“I’m furious at her disrespect and have no idea how to approach the situation.” My brother and I have always been close as siblings. Almost three years ago, he began dating a woman. She seemed to be nice enough, and she made my brother happy, so I didn’t think much of it. About a year […]

The Ugly Truth About Getting Over Someone You Didn’t Date For Sure

Heartbreak doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t ask if you dated and for how long. Heartbreak doesn’t care for labels. It doesn’t feel any less real just because they weren’t your boyfriend or girlfriend. Sometimes it hurts, even more, getting over someone you were never with solely because there’s that what if factor that plays into it. […]

Almost Love Make You Come Across As A Complete Idiot

I feel like an idiot, because I misinterpreted everything that happened between us. All of the extra long hugs, the late nights spent talking, the kisses against cheeks. All of those compliments you gave me and times you held me close. I thought they meant that you felt the same way — but they only […]