How does it feel when an incredibly attractive woman gives you her phone number?
It feels amazing, right?
After getting rejected five times in a row from some average-looking chicks, you approached one of the hottest girls you have ever seen and SHE was the one who gave you the magic digits.
You feel proud as Tiger Woods after banging three porn stars in one night.
All you want to do is to call her, to set up a date and to make her your girlfriend. You hug her goodbye, you give her a kiss on the cheek and on your way home you smile like a psychopathic creep.
Life is good. Life is wonderful. You finally found THE ONE. You are 100% sure that you’ll end up in a relationship with this girl, that you’ll marry her one day and that she is the one who will give brith to your first son.
Thanks to the fact that you are a loyal reader of a weird guy called Sebastian Harris, you have already learned that The Three Day Rule is completely ridiculous. That’s why you call her 24 hours after you got her number. While the phone is ringing, you think about all the things that you are going to say to her.
Suddenly your phone makes a sound. Finally, she picked up. Before you can finish your “hey”, you hear a really nice female voice that says:
“The number you have called is not recognized”

Hello?! is this you??? – “he really thinks the number is real…hehe…”

You couldn’t sleep the whole night because you thought about all things you could do with her on your first date and now you have to find out that she gave you a fake phone number.
I know how painful and disappointing that feels. When I started out on my journey I got more wrong phone numbers than other guys got real ones. If I had known back then why all those girls gave me a few digits without any meaning and how I could have prevented it, I would have had a lot more dates and sex along the way.
But just because I got a decent amount of useless digits that I am not really proud of, doesn’t mean that you have to go through the same.
Before you scream “bitch, whore and motherfucker” in your mobile phone while the nice female voice repeats “the number you have called is not recognized”, I want to tell you why it happens, how you can prevent it and that it’s not a tragedy when it happens.
A Fake Phone Number is Not a Tragedy
I know how exciting it is to get a phone number from a hot girl. I also know how disappointing it is to find out that the number she gave you is not real. Whenever I experienced this, I immediately questioned my seduction skills, my looks and my ability to ever find a girlfriend or at least a girl who is willing to spread her legs for me.
Let me give you one tip: don’t be as stupid as I was!
Don’t doubt yourself and your ability to meet and seduce amazing women when something like that happens. Of course you can analyze the approach and find out what you did wrong and what you could have done different. We are going to look at that later.
However, don’t doubt your plan to become a successful Global Seducer. Don’t think that you are a useless idiot who will never get good with women, just because one or two girls didn’t want you to call them.
All you have to do when that happens is to behave like a man and to tell yourself that the next girl you meet will give you her real number.
Stay focused, stay motivated and stay hungry…
…oh, and don’t become a misogynistic prick, just because some girl gave you a fake phone number.
She is (Most Likely) Not a Bad Person
Yes, some women love to give guys a couple of useless digits, because they want to play with them. It’s a fun thing to do for them. Other women do it, because it gives them a feeling of power and control.
Do you really want to date those girls?
In case you love yourself (which I hope) and in case you don’t want to waste your time with girls who are anything but good for you (which I also hope), you shouldn’t mourn because of such girls. The small percentage of women who hand out false numbers, because they want to play a manipulative game that amuses them and gives them a feeling of power that they otherwise don’t get, are not the kind of girls a Global Seducer spends his time with.
Whenever you meet such a girl, you should be glad that she didn’t give you her real number and that she doesn’t force you to waste your precious time with her. But even though those girls exist, the majority of women don’t give you a wrong number becasue they are bad human beings.
I know that you are going to hate me for what I am going to say now, but I have to say it anyway:
In case your phone is full of numbers that don’t exist, you should think about what YOU can do better. 
If more than 20% of the women you interact with give you a false phone number, they are either overwhelmed with the situation, or your behavior forces them to give you a wrong number.
Why Women Give Fake Phone Numbers
I know what your logical mind is doing right now. I am pretty sure that you are thinking about what you can do to not overwhelm the next girl you approach, while you neglect the fact that the second major reason for the false numbers in your phone is your wrong behavior. We human beings are real masters in blaming others for our own faults.
I know it’s easier to blame her mood and her nervousness for her decision to feed you with wrong digits, but in the long-run you win more by analyzing your approaches and by finding out what you could have done better.
Just make sure that your brain doesn’t play a prank on you.
Let’s have a look at what mistakes the girl AND you made during the last interaction that ended in a friendly:
“The number you have called is not recognized”
 1. They Don’t Want to Hurt Your Feelings
What are the reasons why women give you fake phone numbers?
Well, let’s start with a nice reason that will piss off every self-proclaimed misogynist who sits at home all day watching internet porn and grumbling about how evil women are.
One reason why women let you call a friendly computer voice that drives you nuts, is because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Believe it or not, but sometimes a woman does this to you, because she wants to be nice.
No hidden agenda, no evil intentions.
Even though some women do it, because they want to be nice, they don’t do it with every man. They only do it when they have the impression that the man they are talking to needs emotional protection.
Yep, that’s what she sees in you…
In other words: She sees you as a little child who would start to cry if she told you the truth.
Not good.
When a woman meets a confident man, she instinctively assumes that he can cope with a rejection. If she, however, meets a nervous guy who starts to shiver as soon as he talks to her, she might be afraid that he starts to cry.
How to Prevent It
In case you don’t want that women look at you and think “I can’t reject this poor boy. He will kill himself”, you should work on your confidence and on the way you present yourself in interactions with women.
Overcoming your internal barriers and developing some self confidence is the first step to less wrong numbers. A girl who gets the impression that you are a confident man will…
A: more likely by attracted to you, which will motivate her to give you her real number.
B: save you a lot of time by rejecting you, in case she has a boyfriend or isn’t into you.
In both cases you are winning.
It is important to work on your inner game and to increase your confidence, but you can even improve the effect you have on women by working on your body language. A straight posture, a confident gesture and a killer eye contact are definitely helpful when it comes to getting her real number.
2. Out of a Knee-Jerk Reaction
Do you know what women tend to do when they get molested by indirect pick up artists who ask them for their opinion and who talk about their little sisters all the time?
They tend to build up a protective shield.

I am ready for the next indirect pussy!
Some of them block every guy who approaches them, while running the risk to reject the love of their life. Others give every guy who hits on them a fake phone number, because they already had too many negative experiences with guys who got aggressive, once they tried to escape the friend zone  after rotting in it for two months.
Instead of being angry at them, you should have some sympathy with those girls. They had to talk to a lot of boring guys and all they want is to avoid another experience like that. It’s totally understandable that she already thinks about giving you a wrong number, the moment you open your mouth.
What do you do to make clear that a knee-jerk reaction would be the biggest mistake of her life?
How to Prevent It
The best thing you can do is to communicate to her that you are not one of those morons who she wants to protect herself from.
Being direct and honest always helps, but what if she already rolls her eyes when you stop her? If you want to get her real number, it’s your job to find out why she gets defensive before you even say a word.
Address the elephant in the room.
Ask her why she looks at you as if she wants to pull out a knife and cut your throat. If she tells you that you are the third guy who approaches her today, you should let her know that she won’t waste her time with you. After you talked the talk you have to walk the walk.
Show her that you are not one of those indirect pussies who talk to her for twenty minutes without ever telling her that her ass and not a birthday present for an imaginary relative is the true reason why you approached her.
Adjust your communication style to the way she reacts. Thereby you prevent her from making a knee-jerk decision that she’ll later regret.
3. She Doesn’t Feel a Connection With You 
Sometimes a fake phone number is the result of a knee-jerk reaction that wasn’t planned and sometimes it is the result of an emotional reaction that builds up over time. The emotional reaction that I am talking about is whether or not the girl you approached feels a connection with you.
Yes my friend, now it’s time to look at the reasons why girls give fake phone numbers that are directly related to you and your actions.
What exactly did you do when the woman you are with doesn’t feel connected to you?
Well, you most likely didn’t do anything, or at least not enough.
I know that most guys are happy enough when they are able to approach a girl without shitting themselves. At this stage connecting with a woman by taking about her passions is so far away. Nevertheless, it is necessary if you want to get more phone numbers, especially when you want those numbers to be real.
No woman can feel connected to you when you go for number after you talked with her for 32 seconds. Connection needs time.
How to Prevent It
You are not in a job interview. You are in the middle of a seduction process.
Finding out where she works and when she is born is completely irrelevant – at least when she is not younger than 18 and you are living in California.
It’s time to stop talking about logical topics and to immerse in the world of emotions.
That’s the world that women call their home. 
Talk about her passions, about her dreams and about the things she loves. Share the things with her that make your heart thump and show her that dating you will be anything but boring. When you trigger enough positive emotions in her, she will throw her real number at you.
And yes, you can talk about that stuff within the first couple of minutes of an interaction.
 4. Her Pussy Doesn’t Want You
What if she enjoys the time with you, but her vagina just can’t imagine accommodating your dick?
Then you have a problem.
I don’t say that you can’t solve this problem, but the truth is that women tend to decide if they sleep with a guy within the first couple of minutes of meeting him. In case she doesn’t feel any sexual connection after you talked to her for about twenty minutes, you are basically fucked.
That’s why it is so important to show that you have a sexual interest in her, as soon as you stop her.
If your eyes, your body language and your voice say “I am just a nice guy who is looking for a friend”, you are doing it wrong.
How to Prevent It
Be sexual!
Show her that the only reason why you approach her is because she is a woman and you are a man and the most natural thing to do is to unite your private parts.
“But I don’t want to offend her and I don’t want to be rude.”
If you really believe that being honest about your sexual intent is offensive or rude, you should cut your balls off, throw them out of the window and give yourself a female name.  
Sorry, I just got a bit emotional. Of course I don’t want that you cut your balls off.
Nevertheless, I assume that you don’t need them if you really think that your sexuality is something that you should hide.
As a man it is your birthright to be sexually attracted to women. And do you know what? Women want men who are confident with their sexuality and who have the balls to show their sexual intent. Once you show the world that you are confident with the sausage and the egg that are hanging under your belly, your phone will fill up with real numbers.
5. She Makes a Mistake
Sometimes the girl you approach is completely astonished by the fact that there are still men like you who have the balls to approach a woman in an honest and direct way.
You can even read in one of my true sex storie how I approached a girl who was so nervous that she couldn’t say a single word. When you talk to a girl who has never been approached by a guy AND she is immediately attracted to you, chances are high that she has a blackout.
I remember conversations where the girl was so flabbergasted that she had to think twice before she remembered how old she was.
You can’t expect that a woman can remember her phone number, when she can’t even remember the day she was born.
“Oops! I am so sorry!!!”
Once her pussy says “take him”, her brain forgets all the numerical data in order to fully concentrate on the reproduction process.
In this situation a phone number is secondary.
How to Prevent It
How do you make sure that the next girl you approach doesn’t give you a fake phone number, even though she wanted to give you the right one?
Double check that she gave you the right number!
Whenever you have a girl in front of you and her fingers are shaking while she types her number into your phone, you should give her a missed call to check if she didn’t confuse the 3 with the 8. It’s a good habit to always do that, but it becomes even more important if the girl you are talking to seems a bit nervous.
Just tell her that you give her a missed call, so that she also has your number. When it doesn’t ring, you can be sure that she is going to say “oh my god, I am so sorry”, before she types in her real number with her cute shivering fingers.
Double checking is still the best way to avoid a friendly but disappointing:
“The number you have called is not recognized”
It can have many reasons why women give fake phone numbers and there are also many ways to prevent that this happens. However, you should also understand that getting a wrong number is not the end of the world and that most women don’t do it because they are bad people. Sometimes it’s the mistake of the girl you are talking to and sometimes it’s you who fucks things up.
Some women are worried that you wouldn’t survive a rejection. When a woman gives you a wrong number, because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, you should definitely work on your confidence. On other occasions you have to make clear that you are not like all the other indirect pussies who tried to hit on her.
Another popular reason why guys get fake phone numbers is because they neither connect on an emotional nor on a sexual level. If her heart and her pussy don’t want you, her phone also doesn’t want you. Even if her heart and pussy want you, her nervousness might cause her to forget her number. Make sure that you always double check if she typed in the right number by giving her a missed call.

5 Reasons Women Give Fake Phone Numbers

How does it feel when an incredibly attractive woman gives you her phone number? Unfortunately, getting fake phone numbers is anything but amazing.

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